What do you think of  the conduct of Ed Snowden in copying and releasing classified documents that reveal                a massive campaign of secret government surveillance of personal information and data of Americans       based, in part, on use of phones and the Internet?   One answer and one vote per computer.                                                          Thanks for your participation.                                                                                                                                                                                
  In my opinion Ed Snowden's conduct was the act of  a traitorous criminal.
  In my opinion Ed Snowden's conduct was the act of a well-intentioned but misguided whistleblower.
  In my opinion Ed Snowden's conduct was the act of a patriot.
  Who is Ed Snowden?

The Ed Snowden Web Poll

Before voting in the Ed Snowden Poll, you may want to read and/or watch a bit about him and what he did. Here are a few resources:

  • The NBC Interview with Ed Snowden The video interview is at the bottom of the web page in several parts. It provides the best insight thus far as to Snowden's motivations for putting himself in a position where he is accused by the American government of being a traitor and charged with espionage and theft of government property (punishable up to thirty years in prison).

  • Frontline's video presentation of The Unted States of Secrets. Whether you take the poll or not, if you care about the kind of government that rules American society you owe it to yourself to watch this documentary.

  • The complaint filed by the government against Ed Snowden on June 14, 2013 charging three federal crimes, namely,  18 USC 641 - Theft of Government Property; 18 USC 793(d)  - Unauthorized Communication of National Defense Information (Espionage); 18 USC 798(a)(3) - Willful Communication of Classified Communications Intelligence Information to an Unauthorized Person (Espionage) (More information about the espionage charges)

  • Professor Turley's article on the Snowden issue. (Turley is a provocative blawgger.)

  • Have you seen "Citizen Four" the documentary (1:53:00; available on Amazon Prime) concerning the process by which Ed Snowden provided documents detailing the U.S. government's National Security Agency (NSA) actions of wholesale spying on many millions of innocent Americans? This excellent film makes you privy to Snowden's revelation of NSA data to journalists for their vetting and controlled release. Judge for yourself what kind of person Edward Snowden is. You may be impressed with his integrity, intelligence and maturity. Certainly, you will learn his motivation in risking his life and future to alert us to the covert activity of our government into what might seem protected private information.

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